Leader Accreditation Department


How Can the Leader Accreditation Department (LAD) help me as I function as a La Leche League Leader?

The LAD is the only department that is truly International. Criteria for applicants and accreditation procedures are uniform all over the world.

Each Area or Network will have an appointed Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (CLA or NCLA).

Our Network currently has an opening for NCLA.

When a NCLA is in place, this includes membership of the LLL of SoCA Inc. Board of Directors.

The NCLA coordinates the efforts of a department of Assistant CLAs (ACLA). The NCLA receives all new applications for Leadership/recommendations and fees. They are then forwarded to LLLI and the new applicant is placed in the RE-Raiser’s Edge (the LLLI database) and designated as ‘applicant’.

The NCLA will distributes applications among the ACLAs based on work load activity. During busy times, the NCLA will also guide applicants.

The NCLA oversees and is available for consultation with the ACLAs. Upon application completion the ACLA and NCLA announce the new accreditation to the Network administrators in the form of an email called a “Hark”.

The new Leader’s Statement of Commitment on to the LAD supervisor. The existing RE profile is then changed to “Active Leader” designating the date and Area of Primary Connection.

LAD department members are available for Area workshops and Conference sessions with topics ranging from finding potential applicants to working through the accreditation check list. They can also dialogue with Leaders on all aspects of a potential interested applicant. Open dialogue is encouraged at any time during the application process.

Until a NCLA is appointed, Lori Bryan ALA will function as the LAD Secretary handling all incoming new Applicants. You can contact her for the pre-application packet. All documents in the pre-application packet are updated or will be soon including the application form and recommendation form. The application/recommendation/$15 application fee can be sent to her. (Her information is below).

Lori Bryan
PO BOX 306
Victor, CA 95253

You may also contact Lori if you are interested in learning more about LAD work.


Do you have a member interested in Leadership?  Does working with the Leader Accreditation Department sound interesting to you?  If so, the next step is to contact Lori Bryan, Coordinator of Leader Accreditation, at grammielori4@gmail.com.  She will gladly answer your questions and help you explore the possibility of joining the department.

Do you enjoy writing and helping to develop new Leaders?  Would you enjoy working with other experienced members of the Area Network Council?  Does the possibility of conducting workshops and writing for Area Network publications interest you?  If you can answer “yes” to these questions, the position of Area Coordinator of the Leader Accreditation Department (ACLA) is well worth considering.

The primary role of the ACLA is to help accredit Leaders who have the experience, knowledge, and skills they will need to do their job with confidence and pleasure.  The ACLA corresponds with Leader Applicants and their Contact Leaders during the application, offering information and encouragement.  She informs new LLL Leaders when they are accredited.  She is available to answer questions about potential Leader Applicants and the accreditation process, and she offers guidance in resolving concerns.  She may conduct workshops on LAD topics in her designated District.  In fulfilling these responsibilities, she works closely with the Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (CLA).

Qualities that make an ACLA’s task easier:

  • Enjoys writing (that’s what ACLAs do best!)
  • Is willing to learn how to write letters that will ensure the accreditation of qualified, confident, well-prepared Leaders (there are definite guidelines for working with Applicants and Leaders in our handbook, LAD Resources)
  • Is creative as well as practical (ACLAs adapt to the Applicant’s needs, there is no set-in-stone method)
  • Has a cooperative attitude and enjoys working with others (ACLAs work closely with others in the LAD and Area Council to meet the needs of Leaders and keep LLL strong and healthy)
  • Is interested in keeping up-to-date on LAD discussions and procedures (for example when ACLAs read LAD Lifelines and CLA memos or attend LAD meetings at their Area Conference, they are keeping up-to-date; we also have Area and international email lists that help us feel connected and up-to-date)
  • Is willing to handle sensitive situations and to consult with others in the LAD (ACLAs work with Leaders and Applicants when there are questions about an application or potential Applicant.  ACLAs are not expected to make difficult decisions on their own; instead, they talk with their CLAs when they are having problems with an application)
  • Enjoys work in LLL and shares enthusiasm with Leaders and future Leaders.