Network Financial Coordinator (NFC)

This position is ready to be filled! Training can go as quickly or as slowly as needed depending on family needs and personal schedule.

-have a basic, working knowledge of Quickbooks.
-ease of reconciling bank balances
-organized by nature
-be a resource to Leaders and Groups for financial questions.
-send and collect data from the Annual Group Financial Report.
-file CA corporate taxes on the fiscal year cycle
-when invoiced by LLLUSA, pay the quarterly cost-sharing fees in a timely manner.
-report account balances and pending financial obligations to the LLLSCANV Board of Directors

Time Commitment: The NFC is a voting member of the LLL of SoCA Inc Board of Directors*. The SoCA Inc Board meets for a 2-hour monthly Zoom meeting. Additional responsibilities will vary and could involve approximately 1-3 hours monthly. 3 year term with option of two 1-year extensions.

Full job details are available upon request.

*The position of NFC can be filled by any Leader in good standing. It can also be someone you know outside of La Leche League who wishes to volunteer as a treasurer. There is the option to serve as NFC without taking the position of a voting Board Member.