Leader Department


The Leader Department is designed to be a support system for you, the LLLSCANV Leaders. There is the Network Database Administrator (NDA), Network Coordinator of Leaders (NCL) as well as Area Representatives/Area Coordinators of Leaders (AR/ACLs) for each of the 5 Areas which make up LLLSCANV Area Network. The members of the Leader Department are support Leaders, providing specialized support and information for other Leaders and are the first for Leaders to contact for support.

Area Rep/ACLs represent the 5 SCANV Areas as members of the LLLSCANV Area Network Board of Directors. AR/ACLs work together in the Leader Department to support Leaders with timely communication, enrichment opportunities and Network wide opportunity notifications. Ideally Area workshops are offered yearly to help a Leader continue to keep up-to-date with current breastfeeding information, communication skills and management issues. The Leader Department is available to help Leaders work through difficult situations related to running a Group, working with co-Leaders and other aspects of Leader life.

The Area Rep/ACL is the first to contact with questions about Social Media issues, community involvement and mixing causes issues that may come up. The Area Rep will work with the Leader to find solutions so that her time is respected and her efforts well-coordinated with the SCANV Network, LLLUSA and LLL guidelines. The Leader Department helps put all the LLL resources at the service of the Leader as well as communicates the Area Leaders’ concerns and needs to the Board.

The Leader Department is responsible for collecting Leader and Group activity forms twice a year. (Group financial reports, however are requested by the Network Treasurer annually.) These numbers help LLLUSA, the Area and even local Groups to receive grants and funding. It helps us assess the health of a Group and provide information and feedback to help you better lead your Group.

Your Area Rep/ACL represents you and carries Board information to you. Together you can build your Area, holding your own Area Gatherings, workshops, Applicant enrichments, Live Love Latch and so many more LLL outreach activities as you accredit more Leaders and grow!

We hope to encourage you to be the best Leader that you can be in a positive and uplifting manner. We also hope that you understand that we are mothers who are Leaders as well and have taken additional Area and Network responsibilities. We strive to be a helpful, available resource so that you can most successfully fulfill the basic Leadership responsibilities including:

1. Planning and leading monthly Series Meetings.
2. Supervising the management of the LLL Group.
3. Offer breastfeeding support through one-to-one, online, telephone, or in-person contacts.
4. Keeping up-to-date on breastfeeding information.
5. Helping others find out about LLL Leadership and prepare to become Leaders.
6. Regular communication with Area Rep/ ACL Of course Leaders may also do Area or Area Network or administrative work instead for their LLL Leader responsibility

Leaders may do Area, Area Network or administrative work instead as their LLL Leader responsibility. Open Positions as of 8/1/19: Area Representative North Counties Coastal & LA Valleys NCCLAV; Administrative Assistant; Area Representative San Diego & Imperial Valley SDIV

Network Coordinator of Leaders
Karima Khatib
Area Representative- North Counties Coastal & LA Valleys
Area Network Database Administrator
Renee DiGregorio
Area Representative- Orange County & Inland Empire
Emily Niemeyer
Area Representative- Central LA & Beaches
Romy Rapoport
Area Representative- San Diego & Imperial Counties
Area Representative- Nevada & North California Deserts
Liz Krey