Network Database Administrator

What is a Network Database Administrator..and what is her role as I function as a La Leche League Leader?

The NDA maintains the LLLI Database of Leaders call Raiser’s Edge (RE) for accuracy in affiliation in Network, Area, and Group; contact information; and dates related to Leader Assessment payments.

….Remember to send all changes to the NDA (new mailing address; phone; email and changes or updates in group affiliation.) All updates will be shared with the ACL/Area Representative. (For those of you who remember the RsM; Leaders can no longer make the changes themselves)

….When annual Leader Assessments are paid, the RE is updated.

Moving to another state and wish to remain a Leader? The NDA will arrange contact with the new Area administrators to make them aware of a move. If applicable, any pending Leader Assessments invoices are expected to be paid prior to moving. Once settled, the Leader will be expected to contact her new administrators to begin the ‘acceptance’ process outlined by that Area. Each Area has their own process; but upon completion they will notify the NDA to change the RE with the Leader’s new Primary Connection. Until that approval, the Leader remains on the roster of the current Area. Throughout this process, the NDA keeps the Leader Dept updated on the progress. Though moving away; it is acceptable to keep the current Area as a Secondary Connection.

The NDA also maintains the Network roster of Leaders which matches the information in the RE. Sorts are available as needed for ACLs/Area Representatives so that they can always have current Area rosters.

The NDA also creates and sends out invoices via Quickbooks for annual Leader Assessments. These go out just prior to the Leader’s anniversary month of accreditation. When paid these fees are considered acceptance of the original statement of commitment. One month is given to respond. Should they go unpaid; a total of 2 more reminders are sent. If no response is received, our Network Agreements require that the Leader is retired. Fees are a legitimate group expense. If group or personal financial issues are limited, the Leader may request partial or full waiver of fees. Every effort will be made to fund an Active Leader. Dialogue is crucial should the Leader be considering a change in status.

The Network Database Administrator is considered a member of the Leader Department.