Professional Liaison Department


The Professional Liaison Department is the administrative department within LLL that responds to & provides Leader education on medically and/or legally related questions, problems or issues.

Some Reasons to Contact an NPL Leader:

  • Have a challenging breastfeeding situation of a medical or legal nature.
  • Receive a call from a Mother who has been told to wean because of a medical procedure or a medication or __________(fill in the blank).
  • Have been asked to check if a medication prescribed or Over The Counter (OTC), is compatible with breastfeeding.
  • Are asked to speak as a La Leche League Leader in an outside engagement and need help with your presentation; or, have written it and need to have it reviewed.
  • Want information presented at a Chapter Meeting, Area Workshop or Network Conference. We provide Leader education on medically and legally related topics.

The Alphabet Soup

NPL or NPLC – Network Professional Liaison (Leader) or Network Professional Liaison Coordinator (these 2 titles are interchangeable)

ANPL – Assistant Network Professional Liaison (Leader)

PLD – Professional Liaison Department

PL LEADER – A member of the PLD

Who Should Contact PL Leaders:

Leaders should contact PLD members. The mothers you are helping should NOT be given the contact information for the PL Leaders, unless you have already spoken to a PLD member & been advised to do so, or, in your judgment, there is a very unusual need for immediate mother to PLD contact. If, however, you are contacted by a medical or legal professional and need PL support for them, it is OK to refer them directly to a PL Leader. Be sure, however, to first explain that all Leaders are volunteers & may consequently need to return their call after business hours.

How to Contact Your PL Leader:

Leaders, the following is a list of your Professional Liaison Department members, their current positions within the department, their phone numbers and for those willing, their email address and if it’s OK to text them. If you have a medically or legally related question for a PLD member, it’s always a good idea to contact the one closest to you first, or the same one each time, so that you can develop a relationship with that person. But you are welcome to contact any member of the department. If you can’t reach the first one you try, contact other PLD members until you reach someone. It would be rare that none of us were available at any given moment in time, but be sure to leave a message if no one answers so that we can respond. It would be wise to indicate best times to return the call and especially if your call is an emergency. And PLEASE, speak loudly, slowly and clearly into the machine and after saying your phone number, repeat it, if you really want your call returned.

SCA/NV Network PLD Members

Sharon Savene, ANPL 818-445-0950 /……Los Angeles County
Yocheved ‘Hedi’ Herrmann-Blanton, ANPL / Resource Librarian 310-819-0804 (text OK)
Lisa Marasco, ANPL / PL Adviser / (often not available – contact all others 1st)

If you are interested in learning more about & / or in joining the Board of Directors at