Network Events Coordinator (NEC)

Coordinating Leader Educational/Enrichment and events that also draw Lactation Professionals is the primary focus of this position. At one time, LLL conferences were the only offerings for medical and lactation professionals on this topic and were well attended by both families and professionals alike. These events were considered the major fundraising avenue for the Network. Over time, other lactation coalitions held additional offerings which in part have accounted for lower attendance at LLL conferences but they remain a valued offering in the personal and medical communities. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions the job description has changed dramatically. Throughout LLL and the lactation community, events have transitioned to virtual online webinars. Event planning now involves gathering a team to build a program of not only valued session speakers, but a team that can support the technical communication needs as well. Recently, another LLL Area was able to transform an already planned conference to a full webinar format which was met with high attendance and great success! The NEC will build her team from the Professional Liaison Department; the Communications and Social Media Department and the Leader Department in addition to any Leaders who wish to be a part of planning a successful event. The NEC is also responsible for planning Leader Enrichment events.

Time Commitment: The NEC is a voting member of the LLL of SoCA Inc Board of Directors. The SoCA Inc Board meets for a 2-hour monthly Zoom meeting. Additional requirements may vary with extra time involved as a scheduled event approaches. 3 year term with option of two 1-year extensions.

Full job details are available upon request. Please email the Board at